Improvement of Processes & Support for Development

Our offer is addressed to companies located both in Poland and abroad who want to improve their production processes, need support for their R&D department or wish to develop new products.

Our services comprise designing machinery prototypes from the initial concept up to the executive design and the finished product, including the preparation of comprehensive technical documentation. Our design team's excellent qualifications, the use of dedicated CAD/CAM software and effective project management methods allow us to undertake complex, sophisticated projects with particular focus on the customer's individual needs. We approach each project with equal care, taking into account the specific needs of our client.

What makes us unique?

  • We are flexible and enjoy challenges – readiness to undertake non-standard, individual projects taking into account the customer's needs;
  • We provide comprehensive services – project execution from initial concept to final tested prototype;
  • Our solutions are as simple as possible, and yet innovative – we always try to find the optimal way – the innovative doesn't have to be complicated;
  • We have an interdisciplinary approach and broad, close contacts with competent specialists and scientific institutions – the possibility to execute technologically advanced projects;
  • We implement effective project management methods – efficient and effective order processing;
  • We are experienced in industrial machinery and devices as well as heavy mobile machinery.

What are our fields of competence?

  • Steel structures for machinery and equipment – both mobile and stationary;
  • Power supply and control systems for machinery – hydraulic, pneumatic and electric;
  • Automation and Robotics.

CAD Design

  1. Comprehensive approach to machinery and equipment
  2. Parts, semi-finished products
  • mechanics
  • pneumatics and power hydraulics systems
  • electrical systems up to 1kV

Designing machinery and equipment – stationary or mobile machinery and equipment

If you need a unique product (machinery, equipment, subassembly), we can develop it and prepare the technical documentation.

  • Developing the concept;
  • Running the required analyses and simulations;
  • Drawing up the technical documentation in the agreed format.

Designing industrial automation systems

  • control systems
  • PLC controller and operating panel programming
  • robot programming

Designing industrial automation systems

We develop control systems which constitute an integral part of the machinery and equipment we design or are manufactured on your individual request.


  • Control cabinets and control units
  • Vehicle installations for mobile machinery
  • Comprehensive industrial electrical installations up to 1kV
  • PLC controller and operating panel programming




  • manufacture of designed prototypes
  • tests and implementation at the customer's premises

Production of machinery and equipment

Our services include designing machinery and equipment prototypes as well as repeatable small-volume production.

R&D Consulting

  • assistance in product development
  • technical consulting

R&D Consulting

We will help you improve production processes or products by:

  • Providing support to your department of development
  • Developing a product or improving the efficiency of the production process


  • machinery and equipment

Production of machinery and equipment

Our services include designing machinery and equipment prototypes as well as repeatable small-volume production.

  • control cabinets and control units

Production of control cabinets and control units

We manufacture control cabinets and control units for stationary and mobile machines, including those designed for difficult environmental conditions.

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